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Makeup is not a mask, it's an Art, Passion and Expression.

Makeup is a powerful way to effectively reveal something unique about your inner self.

The desire to 'create' has always been of great importance in Loveleen’s career decisions and after completing her graduation degree in related field at Delhi University, she went on to qualify with a Certification in Professional Makeup Artistry from Punnet Saini in Mumbai and later from Lubna Rafiq Academy, London. Here she developed her talent and benefitted from expert training by leading global makeup artists.

Loveleen went on to hone her skills with the renowned cosmetics company, M.A.C Cosmetics. She currently runs her independent Makeup studio in the City of Lakes, Bhopal. State-of-art studio clearly portrays her style, creativity and her passion for makeup. Her outstanding attention to detail and friendly, caring attitude is always respected by her colleagues and clients. She is committed to reach the highest levels of perfection and believes "in this industry you have to always be inspired and must never stop learning as it's the only way to become good at what you do.

Coming from a family of creative-minded people, she was surrounded with support when pursuing a career in the visual medium. I constantly remind myself that the mind is a very powerful tool,” says Loveleen.

What makes Loveleen stand out amidst the miasma of makeup artists in Indusrty, is her keen ability to customize makeup style according to facial features and not the other way around. She finds inspiration in the natural beauty of her clients and gently enhances their features, bringing out true beauty instead of masking it. She is busy most weekends working on big bridal parties, however, she stays creative during the week by following her passion of training and collaborating with talented artists and models.

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